Construction InfrastructureConstruction Infrastructure

The professionalism and experience of our employees, as well as our modern technical equipments define us as specialists in execution of road projects, embankments and hydro-development networks

The precision and quality of the executed works guarantee the satisfaction of the most demanding customers

Construction Equipment & Truck RentalConstruction Equipment & Truck Rental

The emphasis is on the performance of the construction equipments, thus facilitating the productivity and quality of the works performed. Reducing the time of work on the construction site and increasing the quality of the executed works are the main objectives pursued.


Euro Wagen has assumed an important role in the provision of construction services with an uncompromising commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment. We do this by combining an open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, transparency, responsibility, discipline and continuous investment in our trucks and construction equipment.

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100 + completed projects

19+ years on the market

100M+ lei turnover

50+ construction equipment + trucks owned